They call us terrorists: mothers of mujahids. Voice of Palestine from Jenin camp

 They call us terrorists: Mother of Mujahid Jenin Camp

They call us terrorists. Aren't they who created terrorism?" These are the words of the mother of a Palestinian martyr, Mujahid Farooq.

"She says that the occupying forces torture Palestinians in the name of Reid. My son was tortured by entering the house. His self-esteem was hurt. He saw his friends being martyred in front of him. Decided to fight for freedom."

These words reflect the sentiments of every mujahid's mother in the Janin Muhajir camp.

Is Jenin a refugee camp?

Jenin is a city located in the West Bank region of Palestine. This city was turned into a refugee camp in 1953. In the 1948 Palestine War, the Zionist forces forcibly evicted the Palestinians from their homelands. The established Jenin refugee camp was transferred to the Jenin camp, which is considered a stronghold of the Palestinian Mujahideen. Be it the Janin war in 2022 or the targeted killing of Al Jazeera network journalist Shahreen in 2022.

Jenin and Nibalus are the biggest prisons of free people where they are imprisoned in their own houses in their own land. The inhabitants of Jenin cannot have land communication with other areas. The remaining fraction fulfills the Zionists' red. The camp is under the control of the Palestine National Authority and this control is nominal because the authority is far from Jenin, so its control is weak. Captured the Jenin camp including the West Bank. In the 1990s, the citizens of Jenin staged the first uprising against Zionist atrocities, in which many Palestinians were martyred. Control of the camp was handed over to the Palestinian National Authority.

In 2000, the Palestinians once again declared a rebellion against the Zionist government. In April 2002, a series of suicide bombings began, after which the Zionist forces entered the camp. The Zionists launched Operation Defense Shield, which resulted in Paved the way for war. The Zionist Army declared the camp an active terrorist area and aid workers and journalists were banned from entering the camp. The war lasted for 10 days from April 1 to April 11 and on April 18, Israel began withdrawing its forces from Camp C.  In this war, about 400 houses were destroyed and hundreds of houses were completely destroyed. According to the BBC report, 10% of the camp was completely destroyed by bulldozers equipped with Israeli weapons. According to the UN report, 52 Palestinians and 23 Zionist soldiers were killed. However, the Palestinians say that the Zionist army killed around 500 Palestinians4000 Palestinians were displaced due to the complete destruction of their houses. The Israeli Housing Minister offered to build houses again, which the Palestinians did not accept.

In 2005, UNRWA rebuilt the camp in such a way that now the Israeli forces are using their tanks and armored vehicles. They could easily enter the camp with vehicles. This created more tension in the environment of the Jenin camp. The Zionist forces did not hesitate to kill oppressed civilians in the name of Red. They also arrested women and children. Until now, about 10,000 to 15,000 Palestinians are serving prison terms full of labor and violence in Israeli prisons, including thousands of women and children. According to international media reports, most Palestinians will be targeted in 2022. It was the bloodiest year since 2002 until 2022.

The Zionist forces subjected the Red families to violence and brutality during the war. This is why the youth of Jenin and Nibals cities have taken up arms to fight for their land and the lives and honor of their loved ones in the Jenin camp. The "Jenin Brigade" and the "Lion's Den" in Niblus are groups of Mujahideen active against the Zionists. The Quds Brigade of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigade of Fatah, and Izzuddin Al-Qassam Brigade of Hamas are prominent in the Jenin camp. These Mujahideen are active against the occupying forces. 

They sacrifice their lives to protect the freedom of their country and the lives, honor, and dignity of their loved ones. They sacrifice their dreams, the dream of living a normal life, the dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer and serving the nation, and the dream of living a peaceful life with their wife and children. These are all dreams that need to be fulfilled. The Palestinians are fighting for their survival against the Zionists. The Palestinians have been made refugees in their own land. done The Jewish settlers and Zionist forces have forbidden the lives of Palestinians in the occupied territories. The Mujahideen of Jenin Brigade are competing, saying that they are not separate from the Al-Qassam Brigade, they all have the same goal and that is "Hurrit". They are all in contact with each other and keep exchanging information.

In an interview, the Mujahid of the Janin Brigade told how he wanted to live and why he had to do all this. If they do not take up arms, women and children are not safe in their homes. Zionist forces may come to the camp at any time and take us hostage. We explain to them in the language they understand best.

He said that at every step in the camp, you will find the house of a martyr, just a few moments ago one of our comrades was with us and in the blink of an eye he is a martyr. Mothers see their children being martyred. These are the people who took martyrdom with honor and dignity and stood up against the occupying and oppressive Zionists while disapproving of slavery.

The international media, showing its eternal hypocrisy, calls the Mujahideen terrorists and attributes their struggle for freedom and security to terrorism. Satan is seeing that this is their land, he can neither eliminate them nor remove them from here. They are confronting the young man against all the atrocities of the Zionists, telling him "You bury us, but don't speak." We are the seeds "we will never die" Palestine is ours and we are ours.

PPS said the total number of people arrested since October 7 is over 3,325. At least 242 Palestinians, including more than 50 children, have been killed in the occupied West Bank since October 7. More than 70,043 have been injured.

Adam Martyr

Since the start of the war, Israeli army raids in the West Bank have been taking place daily. According to the Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS) and the ''Prisoners'' Affairs Authority, Israeli forces arrested 35 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in the past 24 hours, including an 8-year-old child.



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