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"Journey from Stones to Suicide Drones" Palestine, the Land of the Martyrs

 "Journey from Stones to Suicide Drones"

"Palestinian scientists who gave up luxury for their nation"


And they fought the bullets with stones

  • Palestinians, who are the subject of discussion in the whole world today, this is the story of their greatness and bravery
  •  There is an enemy who has nuclear power, a powerful and well-trained army, supported by himself
  •  called the superpower of the world. The Palestinians resisted bowing down to an enemy stronger than them
  •  Preference. Facing the enemy armed with modern weapons, the Palestinians, full of faith and courage, threw stones
  •  By responding to occupation and brutality with stones, he proved that martyrdom instead of a life of slavery

The rank is higher

Mujahid Fadi Al-Salal

Access to weapons

The Palestinians began their resistance with stones, which were replaced by rocket launchers and rifles.

 When the Muslim brotherly countries like Iran started giving them military and financial aid, firstly these weapons

 Iran continued to supply all the weapons itself, which were smuggled through Sudan and Egypt to resistance forces in Gaza, as one resistance movement leader admitted.

"That all the aid from A to Z, from bullets to rockets, was from Iran"

But the situation that arose later made it necessary to deliver the weapons to the Mujahideen. It is better to make them self-sufficient in this matter than to catch fish Be taught to make a hook for catching fish. That is why the weapon used in the recent war. This weapon is very similar to the Iranian technology, the Mujahideen are developing it themselves.

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Dr. Jamal al-Zubada, a Palestinian scientist dedicated to the spirit of sacrifice and courage

Palestinian scientist Dr. Jamal al-Zubada

Jamal al-Zubada is certainly an unsung hero for Palestinians against Israeli aggression. Born in 1957. Future Jamal Muhammad Syed Abd al-Rahman Al-Zubada (Abu Osama) from Virginia Tech's Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science and Ph.D. in Civil Aviation Studied the F-16 aircraft engine. Apart from that, he also worked at NASA but refused to stay there and work as a professor at the university there and  Al-Zubada returned home to work for Palestine, leaving behind luxury and comfort. He chose the path of a long struggle in which his spouse fully supported Al-Zubada's family in Gaza but was unaware of the activities.

Osama Al-Zubada

He returned home in 1994 and helped build rockets for the military wing of Hamas under his supervision.

Al-Tasni al-Askari (MIC) made good progress. Al-Zubada Head of Department in the Non-Military Wing at Hamas

His son Osama served as a junior engineer at a company that manufactures rockets.

He was a professor of engineering sciences and mechanics at the Islamic University of Gaza

A large number of engineers graduated from the university. Most of them are a resistance movement

Recruited to work for Hamas, he worked on missiles and drones.

Al-Zubada joined the military wing of Hamas in 2006, and because of his ties to Hamas, he was released in 2007.

He was being pursued between 2010 and 2012 when he was assassinated and survived in 2014.

The fleet was hit by an airstrike and an attempt was made to kill them in the 2021 Hamas-Israel war

Jamal al-Zubada and his 34-year-old engineer son Osama were killed in a resulting airstrike by Hamas

He was martyred along with a commander of Abu Eesi on May 12, 2021. Hamas confirmed his martyrdom.

Palestinian military expert and analyst Wasif Erekat said that

اسامہ کے والد جمال اپنی سائنسی مہارت کی وجہ سے اسرائیل  کے لیے ایک اہم ہدف تھے

He further said

 Jamal Al-Zubada is credited with mentoring and training an entire generation of engineers at the Islamic University.

who were ready to compete with the Israeli scientist" "His achievements came in very difficult conditions

"Come on, like the lack of materials and resources because of the blockade of Gaza."

On his martyrdom, his wife showed great courage and said

The occupiers do not understand that even after the martyrdom of Jamal al-Zubada, there are a thousand Jamal al-Zubada.

After the martyrdom of her husband and son, she expressed her determination that she would also raise her grandchildren for the cause of Palestine.

Imamate of the mosque is a duty to serve the nation as well, al-Batsh

Fadi Muhammad al-Batsh

Fadi Muhammad Al-Batash was martyred when he went out to perform the Fajr prayer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Fadi Muhammad al-Batash was born in the Gaza Strip in 1983. He was an engineer, researcher, and lecturer by profession.

 He obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malaya in 2015 and during his studies wrote 18 scholarly articles in various international journals.

In 2016, he was honored with an award by the Malaysian Treasury. In addition, Fadi was an imam of a mosque and associated with Islamic organizations such as My Care.

 Thirty-five-year-old Fadi was a lecturer in electrical engineering at Kuala Lumpur Brits. Malaysian Institute. He has been living in Malaysia since 2011.

  • Humanitarian Care Malaysia (My Care) Chairman Associate Professor Dr. Hafidzi Muhammad Noor said.

"That Fadi was an expert in renewable energy sources, especially generator engineering. We do not deny that his achievements and abilities may have targeted the Israelis.

Indeed, he had previously mentioned his concern that he would be attacked by Apache helicopter gunships in Palestine and mentioned that 18 members of his family had been martyred in Gaza in 2009. The body was shot.

One morning in April 2018, he was shot and martyred by two gunmen riding a motorbike on a road in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Fadi was married and had three children. Hamas reacted strongly to Fadi's martyrdom, calling it a 'horrible crime' and attributing it to the Mossad.

Drone specialist, Tunisian scientist Mohamed Zawari

Tunisian scientist Mohamed Zawari

49-year-old Mohammad Al-Zawari, who worked for Hamas for 10 years, was martyred by bullets in a drive-by shooting operation in Tunisia in December 2016. 20 bullets pierced his body and he was buried in Tunisia.

Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said

"That Zawari worked for 'resistance' for 10 years."

Al-Qassam Brigade said on its official website

The enemy must know that we will not let the blood of our leader Zawari die in vain.

Al-Zawari was an expert in drone technology, the drone technology used by Hamas is owed to him

The Palestinians have developed weapons at the domestic level to fight their nuclear enemy. At first, weapons were smuggled, but now the resistance forces are using their own weapons against aggression, it is worth mentioning that these weapons are against the occupying Zionists. Resistance forces use the civilian population

 It has nothing to do with the fact that the occupying Zionists, in response to the condemnation of their brutal attacks, say that the resistance is hidden among them, and thus they use false statements to destroy hospitals, schools,  and shelters.

Attacks the Gah terribly, which is answered with missiles and rockets. Palestine is a patriot, a nation dedicated to the spirit of honor and faith, who have set an example for the whole world that cruelty and

It is not necessary to have nuclear power to counter aggression and that everything can be sacrificed for right and freedom.


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