'More Targets in Less Time' Gospel Killer AI System to Target Palestinians Palestine Time 2024

 ''More Targets in Less Time'' Gospel Killer AI System to Target Palestinians Palestine Time 2024

According to recent statistics, the number of martyrs in the ongoing genocide in Palestine

According to recent statistics, the number of martyrs in the ongoing genocide in Palestine has increased to 24,100, including 10,600 children and 7,200 women. Yes, 24,000 people have been martyred, 20 million people have been displaced, and the Gaza Strip, which has an area of ​​363 square kilometers, has been dropped on this small strip so far, 650 million kilograms of explosives have been dropped. are taken from

The brutality and brutality that Israel is showing in this war has put humanity to shame. In this war, Israel has used internationally prohibited weapons, which is a war crime, but more than that, it has caused maximum loss of life in a short period. It is important to know which AI system it is that AI services have been hired to deliver. How does it work? How many targets does it target? Is this the first time it has been publicized? What do Israeli officials say about it?

Israel, which is at the forefront of cyber technology, and its position cannot be denied because it is an expert in it, Israel has openly and fully used its ability to perpetrate atrocities on Palestinians. The system designed to generate the target, the worst casualties so far, is the result of the same system that intelligence officers use to bomb targets. The highly mobile unit is the first manifestation of this system seen in the May 2021 Israel-Hamas war, which targeted residential buildings. In the recent war, Israel used the Gospel to render Gaza uninhabitable. About 7,000 people are still under the rubble. Missing Israelis on Gospel. Palestinian magazine +972 journalist Yoal Ibrahim has published a detailed article containing the statements of former and current service officers who operate Gospel. says

Israel says that the purpose of targeting civilians is to put pressure on Hamas.

Israeli sources have claimed that they have a large amount of data on targets for strikes in Gaza, including residential buildings, indicating how many civilians a single strike could kill, according to intelligence officers. It is already estimated what the death toll could be.

A source has also said that to kill a Hamas leader, the Israeli military command issues a license to kill hundreds of Palestinian civilians, and these hundreds of dead civilians are considered collateral damage.

Nothing happens by accident. When a three-year-old girl is killed in a house in Gaza, it's because it was no big deal for this soldier in the army to go to work with her. Paid to build. We are not Hamas nor are these accidental rockets the cause of everything. We know how much collateral damage there can be in every home.

HABTORAH the Gospel is a mass-produced AI system that delivers targets at high speed.

All of this is due to protocols issued by the IDF in the past. One source claimed, "It appears that the top leadership in the army is aware of the defeat on October 7 and is now stuck with questions about how to maintain its reputation." be saved and the Israeli people be presented with some form of victory."

+972 describes how Gaza is divided into four types of targets, firstly 'tactical targets' include military targets including armed groups, weapons depots, rocket launchers, anti-tank missile launchers, mortar bombs, military headquarters, and observation posts. The second is 'underground targets' Hamas tunnels which destroy above-ground infrastructure to target them. in which civilians are targeted to put pressure on Hamas. The fourth and final type called the family home or operative home, refers to attacks on homes that are suspected of being a member of Hamas or that A joiner member must live there.

But in the current situation, it can be clearly seen that the story is completely reversed, the largest number of martyrs are children and women, in addition to this, innocent Palestinians are being continuously targeted in Gaza and the West Bank. He is shot

According to the IDF spokesman, in the first five days of the war, 1,329 of the 2,687 targets were power targets. In five days, 6,000 bombs were dropped in the Gaza Strip, with a total weight of 4,000 tons. In these attacks, the Islamic University of Gaza, the Palestinian Bar Association, the building of Palestine Telecommunication, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Culture, and many other such buildings have been destroyed. Let the number of survivors be zero.

How does the gospel choose a target and how many can they be?

Like other programs, Gospel is fed with data, which includes phone call history, photos, video clips, CCTV footage, locations, etc. As an officer, Gospel works like 10,000 officers selects a target, and makes a list. In the first 35 days of the war, 15,000 targets were set. The spokesman of the IDF says that earlier in the war against Gaza, 50 targets were set in a year. 100 targets are selected.

According to Tel Memran, a lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Gospel does what a group of intelligence officers used to do in the past, but Gospel is much more effective. A group of 20 officers can produce 100.50 targets in three hundred days. All systems connected to it produce 200 targets in 10.12 days, a rate 50 times higher. The Israeli army has a special target division to monitor these targets, which transmits information about the target to the Air Force and Navy through an app called ''Puller of Fire'', which is carried on smartphones provided by military commanders.

 I take Gospel targeting can be said that before entering a website a captcha is given in which some images are given and a target is given and the target images are selected eg. Cycles are targeted in the images, now not every cycle needs to be complete in every image, some will have the back of the cycle and some image will have another part of the cycle i.e. you just have to select the cycle no matter where it is and how. However, it is necessary to have a cycle. Intelligence officers who have a large amount of information provide this data to Gospel, who compiles the data and makes a target list available to the officers, and then the intelligence officers who attack the target list. The gangs are sent and thus the lamps of many lives are dissolved in a few hours. These officers don't even bother to review the target list provided by Gospel. It's like being given a specified number of kills in a video game that you have to accomplish in one day. So many testimonies. This is the reason why these 24 thousand lives were nothing more than a target for these oppressors.

The use of AI in warfare, according to experts

  • Israeli officials say that the use of gospel can quickly detect the enemy and his weapons while causing less harm to civilians.

Professor Lucy Such man of the Emeritus University of England said: 'These attacks were carried out to destroy as much of the Gaza Strip as possible. If the AI ​​system really works as the Israeli military claims, how do you explain the destruction? will give?

Eddy Khalaf, engineer director of AI assurance at technology security firm Trail of Bits, warns that 'AI algorithms are notorious for their error rates in applications that require accuracy and security'.

The Musztal Group produced the first documentary on the use of AI in the Israel-Hamas war in 2021, detailing how armed groups and installations were targeted.

In this report, Misztal stated that targeting was not without problems, as the AI ​​had a large amount of data to select targets but lacked the data for objects that human analysts had decided to target. Targets will not be targeted. The Israeli military did not collect the data that its analysts discarded, and as a result, the training of the system was biased.

"It's not an automated system. If it thinks it's found something that might be a potential target, it's flagged and then an intelligence analyst reviews it," Misnell stressed.

Heidi Khalaf has made the point that the use of AI has made it more difficult to respond to the individual involved in the conflict. If the targeting system fails, who is responsible? Accepted? The programmers who created the program? Or the intelligence officers who collected the data and fed it to the AI?

Gospel AI commercial

It is being said that Israel has used the most deadly and banned missile as a test in the Gaza Strip. But the atomic bomb was dropped and analyzed how deadly the use of the atomic bomb could be.

  • According to Anthony King, a professor of defense and security studies at the University of Exeter in England, the world's armies have been experimenting with AI for decades. He said the attraction is clear. Therefore, technology is needed and AI helps in finding the enemy by providing more intelligence data.

Ashley says that other nations of the world are also working on it, Russia is working on it, and China is working on it.

America is not behind anyone in this race, America also has an AI system called ''Project MEON''.

In other words, it can be said that governments are now more serious about human extermination than human service. Apart from the gospel, Israel has made the West Bank a terrible prison where a child is born as a prisoner. Check posts have been set up where computerized face detectors are installed so Palestinians cannot enter their own areas without identifying themselves. Five cameras are installed on the edge of every street for which a data house has also been built in the West Bank. Humans are being treated worse than animals.

Knock on the roof

Israeli officials say they don't target civilians if they have to, such as when residents of a building have gone out for a rally or other purpose, or when a building is attacked on its roof. Residents should know that this place is no longer safe, which they call in their term Chat Prad Satak Dina. But the circumstances and events have completely denied this claim of Israel. In an interview, a Palestinian said, "The Israeli drone attacked the crowd in the market, in which the Palestinians on the spot were martyred. My young son was also there. I tried to hide him." And when I found him, I could not recognize him. I recognized him from the pajamas my son was wearing. I recognized him that this body belonged to my son. The condition of the body was so bad that it was not seen by me. I started wrapping up my son's parts so that I could bury him as soon as possible."

  • The Israeli authorities responded by saying that they had attacked the mosque next to the market because they had received information about the presence of terrorists there. no.

Safe Zone Area Map

The Israeli authorities say that before the attack, they give warnings to the residents to evacuate the area, such as throwing manual advertisements in the air from a helicopter or making phone calls and messages, etc., so that the local people go to a safe place.

  • For this purpose, Israel also released a mobile application in which the targeted area in Gaza was identified.

That is, the Palestinians should see from this map which part has more targets and leave that area and go to a safe place, but the funny thing is that there are targets everywhere on the map, but there is no safe place.

But many attacks were carried out without any prior information and those attacks were carried out when the residents were sleeping. These attacks also include the bombing of refugee camps.

In Gaza, Israeli snipers are constantly killing Palestinians with the use of the Gospel, and the same situation is in the West Bank, where arrests have intensified and Sharad-type clashes have also increased. Palestine is burning in the fire of genocide and the world of Islam is a farce, but it should always be remembered that the fire has engulfed not only Palestine but the whole world. This war is not only for the survival of the Palestinians but for peace. There is a war for the survival of the world and all countries have to join it whether they want to or not.


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