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Genocide or Right to Defense: Palestinian Genocide

Genocide or Right to Defense: Palestinian Genocide

 Gaza is the biggest prison in the world, which is unconnected to the whole world, where more than 28 thousand people out of a population of 2.3 million have been martyred, more than 68 thousand are injured, and more than 25 thousand children have lost both or one of their parents. Where people sometimes go to one side of Gaza and sometimes to the other side to save their lives, even if they are martyred by a bombardment. The survivors are facing hunger and thirst. Isn't this an open genocide? How can this be self-defense? Gaza has turned Gaza into a weapons test laboratory. Even the international court could not stop Israel from committing this war crime.

What is genocide?

According to Britannica, genocide refers to the deliberate and systematic destruction of a group of people because of their race, nationality, religion, or race is available.

its definition is further elaborated by other scholars, according to Patrick Wolff, the possibility of genocide of indigenous populations is particularly likely in cases of settler neo-populations. While some scholars argue that settler neo-demography is inherently genocidal.

The concept of genocide was first proposed in 1944 by a Polish jurist and lawyer, Raphael Lemkin, according to which colonization is genocide in itself. Lemkin described its two stages. Life is completely destroyed. Second, the way of life of other settlers is forced upon the natives. These are the steps used to commit genocide against the natives in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Lemkin defines genocide as: In words

Criminal intent to permanently destroy or cripple a human group

Ten stages of genocide

After all, how will it be determined that the incident that is taking place falls under the category of genocide? To understand this, Gregory Stanton, founding president of Genocide Watch, presented a model at a 1996 briefing. which had ten stages. These stages can appear simultaneously or intermittently. By understanding them, possible damage can be avoided. No, but it started 76 years ago and during this period, all the stages of genocide can be seen in full force on the Palestinians.


Grouping (us and them), clearly indicates that these are people belonging to different groups. Jewish settlements were settled in the West Bank and Gaza, and two groups came into being: local Palestinians and settler Jews. The number of these settlements in the West Bank is many times more than in Gaza.


Placing a symbol that identifies them and makes them look at them with hatred. Presenting the Palestinians to the Israeli public as terrorists and a threat that they want to get rid of. Israelis do not consider Palestinians less than animals.


Discrimination. Palestinians who live in the Israeli state are called Israelis-Palestinians. They are not given the rights that a citizen is entitled to. They are discriminated against, from higher education to jobs. The occupied West Bank In part, the colonizers have first-class civil rights, while the Palestinians are deprived of basic rights even in their own territories.

Describing absolute groups as dehumanizing, likening them to animals and insects that can be trampled underfoot. The Israeli authorities have called the Palestinians wild animals in their statements many times, be it Gaza or the West Bank, this is what the Israeli actions show. According to them, the Palestinians are vermin. The treatment in Israeli prisons clearly shows their brutality.


Preparing a special army or group for genocide. Preparing the IDF and the Shin Bet as a specially trained army whose only purpose is to target the Palestinians. Making charge arrests and shooting unsuspecting Palestinians.

Arresting or killing prominent political leaders and leaders of the group concerned. Palestine is replete with examples of their leaders being sentenced to life imprisonment and hundreds killed sometimes by Apache helicopters and sometimes by bomb blasts.

Preparation for mass murder

Mass killings are planned. According to an estimate, about 12,000 Palestinians were killed by the elite in 1948. And 28,000 Palestinians have been killed in the recent war.


To inflict contempt and hatred on the concerned group. It is common for Palestinians to enter their homes and be brutalized in front of their families. In the recent war, footage of Palestinian prisoners being stripped naked and tortured went viral. No opportunity is missed for mental and physical torture.


As the related groups are only insects to them, killing them is not a big deal. The way the targeted killing is going on in Gaza and the West Bank and the way more than 65 million kilograms of explosives have been dropped on Gaza, how much more explanation is needed for genocide.

Denying that they committed any crimes against the group concerned. Israeli authorities call the massacre of 28,000 Palestinians self-defense and did not commit any war crimes or commit genocide. 

Israel and its allies are adamant that there has been no evidence of genocide in Gaza. If the above steps are analyzed, how can it be said that Israel has not committed a grave crime like genocide?

Genocide International war crime 

Genocide was first recognized as a crime under international law by the United Nations General Assembly in 1946 and codified as an independent crime in the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Genocide Convention). On September 11, 1946, the General Assembly of the United Nations presented Resolution 96 (I) in which genocide was declared a crime. This resolution highlighted the definition of genocide and the measures to be taken regarding it.

Article (I)

The Contracting Parties affirm that genocide, whether in times of peace or in times of war, is a crime under international law, which they undertake to prevent and punish.

Article (II)

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group, such as:

A.  Killing group members.

b.  Causing serious physical or mental harm to group members.

C.  Deliberately affecting a group of life conditions calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

D.  Effectiveness of measures to prevent births within the group.

E.  Forced transfer of group children to another group.

Article (III)
The following acts shall be punishable:

A.  Genocide

b.  Conspiracy to commit genocide.

C.  Direct incitement of people to genocide.

D.  Trying to commit genocide.

E.  Engaging in genocide.

Article (IV)
The commission of genocide or the appearance of any of the circumstances described in Article III shall be punishable by law, whether by a legal ruler, a public official or any person personally involved.

According to the articles of the General Assembly resolution mentioned, all these cases amount to genocide in Palestine. Genocide was not plotted in Palestine, but it was fully demonstrated, in which the ruling government officials and the people were also involved.

Genocidal statements
While Israel's allies are determined to prove that Israel is only defending itself by bombing, the same Israeli authorities do not refrain from making genocidal statements while showing their mental illness on social media. In recent days, a former Israeli soldier woman, Atalia Bin Abane, released a statement from her social media account. In which Atalia said that when she refused to participate in this genocide, she was locked up in a military prison for four months. Aaliyah said she wanted to call attention to the Israeli authority's use of genocidal language.

Israel's Defense Minister  Yoav Gallant ordered a total siege of Gaza, with no electricity, no food, no water, no fuel, everything is shut down, adding, "We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly. " doing"

Aerial, a member of the Israeli parliament from Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, called for a repeat of the 1948 mass expulsion of Palestinian Arabs, commonly known as the Nakba.

At the time of the Tutsi genocide, they were called "cockroaches". Now the Israeli army and authorities call the Palestinians cockroaches.

A study by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem shows that they consider Arabs to be conservative. They consider Arabs to be mean, deviant, and criminal. 

During the 2002 Second Intifada, a Tel Aviv newspaper published a letter from an Israeli child titled "Dear Soldiers, Please Kill More Arabs." The newspaper said it had received many such letters. And more recently, there was footage of school children writing Palestinian names on missiles fired at Gaza. The genocidal mentality of Israel can be estimated from these facts. 

Israel's Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, said in a previous statement that

What should be flown into Gaza is hundreds of tons of ammunition from the Air Force, not an ounce of humanitarian aid.

Growth inhibition

Israel is trying every tactic, from mass killings to suppression of breeding. Due to the bombardment since October 7, the Global Health Group has issued a declaration that there is no safe place to give birth in Gaza. The number of abortions in Gaza has increased 300 times due to the terrible bombardment in the last three months. Palestinian women are giving birth to their children due to mental and physical injuries. In such situations, when it becomes difficult to save their lives, Palestinian women are going through a double difficulty.

Those women who gave birth to children during the war are facing serious difficulties. In these conditions, neither the mother nor the newborn child has access to adequate food.

The situation in the West Bank is not much different from Gaza. Targeted killings in the West Bank have increased. In the West Bank, Palestinians are promised life or long prison terms without charge. There have been several reported cases of sperm trafficking. Thus, the purpose of giving sentences of long imprisonment and hard work is to destroy their family life, in such a case, the smuggling of sperm from the prison is the last chance of their survival, which only a few families have used because it is not an easy way.

Target killing

Israel's claim that it is targeting Hamas fighters is completely false and baseless. From newborns to the elderly, Israeli snipers are targeting even animals. When the Palestinians go out to find food for their hungry and thirsty children, they are ambushed by sniper fire. Apart from the civilians, doctors, paramedical staff and journalists are also being subjected to brutality. In the area declared as a safe zone, there is continuous terrible bombing. Palestinians are constantly emigrating with their families in cars and are being targeted by missiles, and Israel's allies are defending it in a brave display of indifference and shamelessness.

Impeding the delivery of aid

Gaza, which is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with a population of 2.3 million and which is a victim of genocide, hunger, and thirst are busy pushing the remaining people to death. Why is it not reaching the Palestinians? The main reason for this is the blockade of Gaza, Egypt has closed its borders and now a wall is being built on the other side of the regular fence so that Palestinians do not enter Egypt. Egypt is unable to deliver this aid to the victims because it does not want to damage its diplomatic relations with Israel. On the other hand, there are Israeli settlers who are not allowing aid trucks to enter Gaza. Recently, an aid truck was attacked by a missile. The Palestinians in the line were attacked when they were getting water to drink from the relief truck.

While on the one hand, Palestinians are being massacred by snipers and missiles, the intensity of hunger and thirst is taking the lives of Palestinians. The people of Gaza are forced to eat food used for animals to satisfy their hunger. It is dangerous for their health, but it has also caused malnutrition in animals.

Will Israel be punished for its crime?

This is a question whose answer is clear and the answer is no at all. The question should be who will punish this killing? A big organization like the United Nations could not stop this bloody game because the foundation of this organization will be laid to cover up these crimes. Even after the hearing of the ICJ, Israel did not matter even after Israel killed thousands of Palestinians. According to Israel, it is doing all these actions under international law. That is, there are laws for committing genocide, which you can follow to carry out this dirty act. It is a show of open hypocrisy internationally. What is being done, if the same work had been done by another country, military action would have been taken against it and economic sanctions would have been imposed. But who would take this step against Israel? Those who have not been guilty of genocide themselves, America, Britain, and Germany have also enjoyed this game of genocide. This is not a new thing for these states when such a large scale People have been put to death. When they have not been punished for their crime, how can Israel find this world?

Establishment of Israeli settlements

In the past too, Israel established Israeli settlements by occupying them and still the same plan is being presented for Gaza. The infrastructure in Gaza has been completely destroyed, and even those buried in the ground have not been spared. The Zionist forces have also demolished the cemeteries of Gaza and the reason is that the land has not been leveled for settlement. So far in Gaza. More than one mosque has been demolished. The Palestinian Ministry of Health says that Gaza is now uninhabitable. In addition, the establishment of a Zionist settlement in the center of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) in the West Bank has been approved.

Risk of mass human disability

In Israel's air strikes, where more than 28 thousand Palestinians have been martyred and more than 67 thousand people have been seriously injured. Among these injured, thousands of patients have had many of their limbs amputated in air strikes. A large number of them are children who have amputated their arms and legs. Thousands of patients suffer from third-degree burns. The situation has become unspeakably serious in this genocide where 28,000 Palestinians have been martyred on the one hand, and more than 67,000 patients are facing all kinds of pain and suffering due to the lack of proper medical facilities. Palestinian child who wanted to be an athlete or a footballer, now he is not even able to walk. The situation has worsened due to a lack of medical facilities. Such widespread disability is alarming in such a small region.

Hypocrisy of human rights institutions

Where are the leading human rights agencies like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Global Rights, and UN Watch on the ongoing genocide in Gaza?  famous agencies like UNICEF, Safe the Children, and Def see children suffering from injuries in Palestine? Can't these organizations see the mental and physical torture of Palestinian children? They have failed to fulfill their duty. If the situation was the same in Ukraine, the same institutions would be working hard there.

Cessation of aid

About 1,050 aid containers are outside Gaza which are not being allowed to enter Gaza. Israel has blocked the aid route at Ashood port, 30 kilometers from northern Gaza, and the other route is the Rafah border with Egypt. Containers are allowed to fall while 5.1 million people are trapped there and this aid is insufficient for them, while famine has occurred in northern Gaza. Blocking entry.

Israel is committing genocide of Palestinians and is denying it, showing extreme shamelessness, allied countries like the United States and Britain not only call it Israel's right to defend themselves, but also tax their own people in the promotion of this genocide are using.

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