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Invincible Palestinian Women March 8 is International Women's Day

 Invincible Palestinian Women

Palestine Will be free

March 8, which is Women's Day, is celebrated to create awareness about the rights of women so that they can use their talents for the welfare of society. Equal rights are denied to anyone. It should not be. Countless public and private organizations are working around the world for women's rights and they are quite successful in achieving their goals. are ignoring while those women are facing very serious situations. These women are none other than Palestinian women who are being subjected to a serious crime like genocide.

According to a press release issued by UN Women on March 1, since October, nearly 9,000 women have been killed in Gaza and this is an endless number, many of which have gone unreported. More than 3,000 women have been widowed. It was further reported in the press that the current situation in Gaza can be estimated that almost 63 women are killed every day. About 37 mothers are killed every day. 84 percent four out of every five. Women say their families are getting by on much less food than they did before the war. 87 percent of 9 out of 10 women say it has become more difficult for them to find food than men. 1,55,000 women are pregnant or breastfeeding. About 5,500 women will give birth in the coming months.

In the current conditions in Gaza, how difficult it is to get pregnant and give birth to a child is beyond words. First aid and survival food are also far from reach. Looking at these conditions, a female doctor expressed her opinion. Is she thankful that she does not have children, as a woman and a mother, life in Gaza is very painful.

There have been many reports of arrests and torture and rape of women by Israeli forces. Physical violence and stripping, whether male or female, have become the norm for Israeli forces. Women in Gaza are subjected to severe mental and physical abuse, where they escape missiles and become victims of Gazan shortages. It can be planted where they do not have food to eat and clean water to drink, where health facilities are available. How painful will the menstrual condition be? According to reports, women have been using pieces of residential camps. In a report, this is also It was reported that the rate of pregnancy loss has reached 300 every day due to mental and physical illness due to the ongoing tension. There is no shelter, no food, and not even the protection of life and honor from the Israeli forces. So those who protect women's rights do not see the lack of provision of basic rights here like in Afghanistan and Iran? In Palestine, women are imprisoned in Israeli prisons, so women's rights agencies have no duty, related to them?

The bravery, patience, and courage shown by the Palestinian women despite the risk of life, wealth, and reputation are commendable and great. Generally, women are considered weak, but the way they protect the survival of their families in the genocide. They are fighting a war, they are a beacon for others, it is not easy to struggle to keep life going and to educate children even in such painful situations. In all these scenes, Palestinian women have proved that no matter how cruel the situation. No matter what and no matter how they are left alone, they will remain invincible. International Women's Day should be specially named for them so that when no one is fighting for them, they are fighting alone for their rights and survival.


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