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Maximizing Online Earnings with Google Translate and CPA Grip

 Maximizing Online Earnings with Google Translate and CPA Grip

Online Earnings with Google

You how you can make $30 every 10 minutes and up to $180 per hour and for this method you're going to be using google translate I just want to start off this video saying that this method is not one of those transcribed methods or one of those that you have to write a blog post method this is a different method it's a different way of making money and with this method you can actually make around 25 to 30 every 10 minutes you don't get paid per hour you get paid every 10 minutes so one hour has 6 times 10 minutes so let's do times six that's 180 that you could potentially be making using this method so most people that use this method they actually do it for around four to five hours every single day so let's do the math on that if you use this website for about five hours every single day then you're going to be making around 900 a day which is not bad now before we start the blog post I'd like to mention that this method is completely free anyone can do it all you have to have is the PayPal account and if you'd like to make money online I highly suggest that you.

Google Translate

  • Right now I'm here on the google translate website which is the website that you want to be heading up to all you have to do is get this to this website which I know most of you guys might already know is you go into Google and you type translate and then when you do that uh it's going to pop up this window here and all you have to do to go into the full website just click Google Translate here down at the bottom it's going to open the full website for you to browse okay so once you're in the Google Translate website all you have to do to translate something uh if yo don't know how to use it you choose the language that you want to be translating to the language that you want it to be translated to so let's say I wanted to translate English to Spanish right uh hello I type in hello it's going to translate it into Spanish Hola right so pretty straightforward so now that you know how to translate things really really easy you know straightforward all you have to do now we're going to head off to CPA grip which is a website that I love and I really like this website because it's really easy to use to make money right all you have to do is copy your affiliate link from some of the actions that it's going to give to you inside the website and whenever someone does something like click a link or put in an email you're going to be earning money from that so it's really easy to make money using this website and it's you know basically anyone around the world can use it because it uses PayPal to pay people so I think PayPal works all over the globe so if you're able to get a PayPal account then you're able to use this website now all.

How to Register
  • you have to do to register for it are you click register I'm already registered to the website so it already took me to the dashboard but all you have to do to register for this website is need an email address you need your name um I think you need a phone number I'm not really sure but it's pretty easy pretty straightforward I think it's a username password and the phone number that's it and there is another video of mine that I show you guys how you can register for CPA grip and if I'm not mistaking it was the video that I speak about Youtube short so if you want to know how to register for this website if you want to see a step by step of me doing it just go check out that video at the end of this one so one of the things that you're going to be able to see as soon as you log into this website is it's going to show you all the people that are making money using it right as you can see here this guy made thirty thousand dollars seven hundred and twenty seven dollars with fifteen thousand leads so this guy is earning top dollar doing this one earned two hundred and twenty-eight dollars this one three thirty-six dollars three hundred and eighty-three dollars hundred and fifty dollars one thousand seven hundred ninety-nine dollars so there's lots of people using this site to make money right and I can tell you from personal experience I know people who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars using this website so once.

Top Performing Offers
  • you're in the dashboard here are some of the top-performing offers if you want to check but what I'm going to be showing you today is how you can use this website to make a lot of money in a kind of different ways so what you have to do is you go to offer tools you click my offers and you know by default it knows that I'm in the united states so it shows united states for me which you know most of the offers here are not bad as you guys can see here it's paying the highest paying offer is paying two dollars five cents which is not bad you know if you have a high volume of traffic you can make a lot of money doing this but if you wanted to make two thousand dollars using this method here using these offers here you're going to be having to drive traffic from 1000 people to get 2 000 which I know not many of you are going to be doing unless you're doing one of the other methods that I've taught in the past which is using Youtube shorts and that kind of stuff but what if you could make more money than two dollars an offer right so one thing that I know not many people know about is you need to use top paying countries that have high-value offers so what do I mean by this I'm going to show you right now what you want to change here to some country like I don't know France or maybe Italy or maybe Spain as you guys can see here in France they have this payout which is 23 right which is a lot higher than the two dollars that we just saw from the united states and the reason they have this is that not many people are using these countries to make money so they want to pay more money to incentivize people to start using their website on these countries there are a lot of people using it is in the united states but there's not so many people using it in France right so they want to incentivize you to start using this in France as well right so let's try Spain let's see what Spain got in Spain they're paying a little bit less oh they're actually paying more than Italy28 right so they're paying 28 for you to fulfill their orders in Spain let's see Italy which I'm actually Italian if you guys don't know okay so In Italy they have a highest-paying offer of 17 so what we're gonna do today we're gonna be focusing on Spain right now when you look at this website Spain might not be the pain the highest bid right so you you want to look over the highest paying countries you could check Sweden you could check Portugal you could check I don't know Australia Switzerland brazil Egypt Mexico you could look over these countries and see what people are promoting and how much they're paying in this case today they're paying the highest in Spain at least from what I can see here so I'm going to choose an offer here in Spain and the reason why they're paying so much is because people don't speak Spanish and they don't promote things in Spanish because they don't speak other languages and for that reason most people only want to promote the English offers and this is where the opportunity for you lie so what you want to do to get your affiliate link is you're going.

Get Your Affiliate Link
  • To click this offer here let's say you click the first offer, in this case, they're asking you to enter your telephone number for a chance to win so they're asking you to enter your phone number for a chance to win their offer here and for every person that does this you're going to be earning 28.76 okay so now what you want to do to get your affiliate link are you want to choose a domain for the tracking domains you could just choose i don't know moral files let's use this one and this is going to be your affiliate link so whenever someone makes a purchase, in this case, it's not a purchase whenever they submit their phone numbers for a chance to win this offer here you're going to be getting the dollar amount here and this is your affiliate link that you're going to be using to promote that offer okay so now that you have your affiliate link what you want to do is you want to copy it write it down somewhere so you don't lose it in this case I put it my affiliate link here in this text file and I'm going to minimize it has for a while and your link is huge right now so what you want to do is you want to go to and you want to shorten this link and make it more appealing for people to click okay let's just see what the the offer is called uh in greso okay so what people are going to be doing is they're going to be clicking your link to
Win a free generator energy generator so let's try to put this into Google Spanish to English solar generator right we want to be writing this in Spanish because Spanish people are going to be seeing this so you copy your link come to Bitly and create a new shortened link enter the long URL here you're going to put your affiliate link just copy and paste it here and then click create on the customize back half you want to add the name of your offer okay so the name of the offer here is generator solar right so we want to take this and we want to paste it here remove the space and let's see if it's available so it's not available to let's put a number at the end let's say 12. okay that one's good you want to copy this link also keep it safe somewhere so now that you've shortened your link what you want to do is you want to head to this website over here copy obviously copy the link save it somewhere like I showed you and you want to head off to this website here and as you remember on our offer here people are going to be paying us 28.76 for each person that inputs their phone number into this offer and then when they do you're going to get the money so On this website that I'm going to show you right now it's going to be guaranteed that you're going to be getting at least 1,000 visitors to your offer so not all of them are going to be completing your offer let's say 10 of  those people complete your offer so let's open the calculator here 1000 people minus 10 that's 100 people let's say 100 people complete your offer and that's 10 of that those people and 100 times 28 that's 2 800 so you're going to be making over 2 800 if at least 100 of those people that click your offer and put in their phone numbers to sign up for this free uh solar generator right and let's say only 10 of those 100 people did the offer minus 10 you would be earning 280 you know which is if 10 people do your offer you're going to be earning 280 dollars which is still worth it for something that you took less than 10 minutes to set up and obviously you can make this as many times as you want so basically, the amount of money that you're going to earn only depends on how many times you want to do it so now what you want to do is you want to go to this website called and in this add a website what you want to do is you want to copy your link from Bitly go ahead copy that link and you want to paste it here so this is your affiliate link with the name of your offer which is a solar generator right so what you want to do is add it here and click add website so here this is where the google translate comes into play what we want to do is we want to go back to google translate I actually want to go back to CPA grip and you want to see what they're advertising here on their ad right in this case they're showing you can win now jackery I think that's how you say it solar generator 1000 so you want to type this in Google uh translate you can win now jacqery solo generator 1000 okay so now we're going to be doing it to Spanish from English to Spanish and okay now we have this Spanish writing you want to take this and put it in your title okay so it only lets you do like a small amount here first so let's copy it in parts now this is going to be your ad and this is what it's going to be looking like so what is the language of your ad and website you want to put this in Spanish and when you because we're doing our ad in Spanish so when you want to input Spanish here and in here in the country that you want to be advertising in you want to type Spain okay so they're giving you one extra credit okay so what you want to do now is you want to come back here and you want to save this and it's going to post your ad into the network okay and after.

Save Your Ad
  • you've done that you want to click save and it's going to be saving your ad into the network and every time someone performs that action that you told them to do which in this case is input their phone number I think I can't remember let me see yep get their input their phone number you're going to be earning.

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